New DeFi & NFT Launchpad Connects Creators & Influencers

Unity Project is a new platform that will function as a ‘Blockchain as a Service’ business to help online entrepreneurs, creators and influences get noticed and drive traffic to their crypto related endeavours.

Unity has been compared to the ‘Apple store of the Blockchain’. Now anyone without technical skills or expert knowledge will be able to get started in crypto from the ground up and reach more people.

Want to make your NFT collection into the next Bored Ape Yacht club? Even start the next Shiba Inu token? Unity is for you.

“Unity is maybe one of the most ambitious platform Launches on the Blockchain in 2021”

– Useful Project. Real Tech. Doxxed Team

What is Unity Project?

With Bitcoin hitting a new all-time high this week of $69,000 and getting the recognition and attention of institutional investors, it’s clear crypto is not going anywhere.

DeFi related innovations are also creating a buzz, with even former crypto skeptic Goldman Sachs now acknowledging that they have a compelling use case and potential for adoption.

Former Goldman Sachs hedge-fund manager Raoul Pal has commented on social tokens specifically, saying they alone could grow into a trillion dollar industry.

The Unity Project will tokenize online creators’ work, bringing them into the digital age and helping them to instantly network cross-chain with the Blockchain and other artists in their ecosystem.

No longer will it be difficult for artists and developers without expert knowledge of the cryptocurrency scene to break into it and get eyes on their projects.

The team behind Unity are well-established entrepreneurs with experience in DeFi and NFT marketing and development. They include both co-founders of Frog.Tech.

Join Unity Project

The infrastructure for Unity is already in place and the next step will be a private mint sale of their NFT range, next week on Nov 15th.

To be a part of the pre-sale, visit the Unity project site, join their socials and become an early investor by buying Unity NFTs.

Owning any of their collection of NFTs gives you access to the presale of Unity tokens, and other benefits including voting rights on the project, giving you a say in its direction.

A public mint sale of NFTs will then take place on the 19th. Meet the team and read the full roadmap at the Unity website.

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