This Program is to help build DeFi Coin and DeFi Swap awareness across all digital platforms including; Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tik Tok. You will get a chance to earn DeFi Coin based upon the level of activity throughout the month.

The Main Platforms to promote on:

Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube.

What you must do

  • You can earn DeFi Coin
  • You must participate and answer questions for those that are in need in the telegram groups and social media communities
  • You must post on all our social accounts, if possible, from DeFi Coin and DeFi Swap
  • It is a must to ensure the community engagement is increasing by encouraging others to talk about our projects, events, competitions, and anything related to DeFi Coin/ DeFi Swap
  • You will be monitored every month by sending proof of your level of activity via screenshot via email once you join the Ambassador program on Telegram. Affiliate links will be given, and you will earn a certain amount each month based on your level of activity. As long as you stick to the DeFi Coin/ DeFi Swap branding.

Who Can Join our Program?

  • We want individuals that are passionate and able to answer questions when they can from existing and prospective users across the world.
  • You need to be motivated, trustworthy and able to keep everything focused on the brand through all your digital activities
  • You will be provided with marketing assets, but this is not always needed as you can spread brand awareness about our project as much as you like.

How you can grow and earn more DeFi Coin

  • Leading members to do effective shilling/ promotion
  • Report scammers and potential scammers by sending evidence on our telegram channel
  • Ensure you are helping everyone in the community on all social media channels and Telegram groups
  • Ensure you are active in other communities to spread brand awareness/ engagement and interest.
  • Send good marketing/promotional opportunities on telegram to the Global Marketing Manager @DarnellM
  • Ensure you send Updated Youtube Videos in all communities, Do your own podcasts, Share our how-to guides, and Provide support posts.
  • Ensure you provide technical Analysis daily
  • You must hold DeFi Coin
  • Spread awareness online and offline about our competitions
  • Ensure you keep our followers growing on the following Reddit; Twitter;
  • Ensure you keep our followers growing on telegram;

Technical Requirements:

  • Email address
  • Your wallet address for the payment in DeFi Coin
  • Your Twitter and Telegram handle
  • Proof of ID

You need to:

  • You are representing the brand and you must conduct yourself in a business-like manner within the brand guidelines.
  • It would be beneficial to have blockchain, and smart chain knowledge and also a great understanding of our projects within the DeFi Coin/ DeFi Swap ecosystem.
  • Always remain polite even if you are being mistreated by someone online Please report any instances of abuse to us.
  • Be active everyday on all social media channels and Telegram channels
  • You must hold DeFi Coin

To get started on our program you must Tweet and @ our two accounts; @DeFiCoins5 + @DeFi_Swap You must say this in the tweet;

“I am now an Ambassador for @DeFiCoin5 and @DeFi_Swap The DeFi Coin project operates in three functions; Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn. If you are willing to transform the crypto space by giving more education and helping to build growth and trust please DM for more information and you can EARN.”

How will you be paid?

This will be based on three categories Please check the table below for more information.

  • Category 1: 150 USD In DeFi Coin
  • Category 2: 250 USD in DeFi Coin
  • Category 3: 400 USD in DeFi Coin

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