Perpetual Protocol is a decentralized finance (Defi) coin that lets you trade various cryptocurrency assets. The project seeks to make it more convenient for cryptocurrency investors to access advanced trading tools. 

The protocol utilizes a Virtual Automated Market Maker (vAMM) system to achieve this goal. As is the case with Uniswap, vAMM eliminates the need for an intermediary.

The protocol has its own native coin known as PERP, which has attracted some attention in the Defi market. In this guide, we will discuss how to buy Perpetual Protocol in detail.


How to Buy Perpetual Protocol – Quickfire Walkthrough In Less Than 10 Minutes 

The Perpetual Protocol has a fast-growing community behind it. If you’re looking to get this token, Pancakeswap makes the purchasing process a lot easier. Additionally, it dispenses with the need for an intermediary, which is the aim of the wider decentralized finance scene. 

Our quickfire guide below shows you how to buy Perpetual Protocol in less than ten minutes. 

  • Step 1: Download Trust Wallet: Trust Wallet and Pancakeswap work together seamlessly. You can download and install the wallet on your Android or iOS device. That’s the first step to buying Perpetual Protocol.
  • Step 2: Search For Perpetual Protocol: Input Perpetual Protocol in the search bar located at the top right corner of your Trust Wallet. 
  • Step 3: Deposit Cryptocurrency Assets In Your Wallet: The exchange requires a base cryptocurrency, so you will have to deposit some tokens into your wallet. Now, you can choose to buy directly with your credit or debit card or transfer some digital assets from another wallet.
  • Step 4: Connect To Pancakeswap: For a seamless transaction, you will have to connect Trust Wallet to Pancakeswap. Choose Pancakeswap from the options you will find under ‘DApps’ in your Trust Wallet, and click connect. 
  • Step 5: Buy Perpetual Protocol: You can now proceed to buy Perpetual Protocol coins. Select ‘Exchange,’ and in the ‘From’ tab, choose the coin you want to swap for Perpetual Protocol. From the ‘To’ tab on the other side of the screen, select Perpetual Protocol in the drop-down box. Next, choose the number of tokens you want and click ‘Swap’ to complete the transaction. 

Your Perpetual Protocol tokens will reflect in your Trust Wallet account within minutes after the trade. If you desire to sell the tokens, you can also rely on Trust Wallet and Pancakeswap to achieve this.  

Always consider the risks involved when buying cryptocurrencies. Digital assets are highly speculative and volatile. 

How to Buy Perpetual Protocol – Full Step-By-Step Walkthrough 

Our quickfire guide can come in handy if you are already familiar with cryptocurrency trading. This is the case with most experienced investors who have bought numerous Defi coin.

However, if this is not the case with you, then you’ll need a more detailed guide on how to buy Perpetual Protocol, and this is what we have provided below. 

Step 1: Download Trust Wallet 

Pancakeswap is the most suitable decentralized exchange or DEX if you want to buy Perpetual Protocol conveniently. The exchange is also highly compatible with Trust Wallet, which you can download on your Android or iOS device. Trust Wallet has Binance’s support and is also quite easy to navigate. 

In setting up your account, be sure to use an impenetrable and memorable PIN to ensure the safety of your coins. You will also receive a 12-word passphrase from Trust Wallet, which you need to safeguard. You can use this passphrase to access and retrieve your account if you lose your device or forget your PIN. 

Step 2: Add Cryptocurrency Tokens To Your Trust Wallet 

If you have just installed Trust Wallet, then there will be no cryptocurrency in it. However, you can deposit digital assets in your Trust Wallet through either of the following options. 

Send Cryptocurrency Tokens From Another Wallet

You can fund your Trust Wallet by sending cryptocurrency tokens from an external wallet. However, you must have a wallet with coins before you can do that. If you already do, here’s how you can transfer tokens to your Trust Wallet:

  • Choose the token you want to transfer from the ‘Receive’ tab in your Trust Wallet. 
  • Trust Wallet will give you a unique address that you can easily copy. 
  • In your external wallet, paste the address you copied in the ‘Send’ tab. 
  • Input the token and quantity you want to send, and complete the transaction. 

You will receive the tokens within minutes. 

Buy Cryptocurrency Using Your Credit/Debit Card 

This is a more suitable option if you don’t own cryptocurrency in another wallet. You can use your card to buy some tokens directly with Trust Wallet. 

However, since you will be buying the tokens with fiat money, Trust Wallet requires you to verify your identity by completing a Know Your Customer (KYC) process. You will have to input some information about yourself and provide a copy of a government-issued identity card like a passport or driver’s license. 

You may follow these steps to buy cryptocurrency with your credit/debit card.

  • Locate the ‘Buy’ tab at the top section of your Trust Wallet. 
  • Trust Wallet will immediately present you with all the available tokens. 
  • You are at liberty to select any crypto asset of your choosing, but it will be best to go for a more established coin like Bitcoin or BNB. 
  • Choose the number of tokens you want to buy, input your card information, and complete the transaction. 

Within a few minutes, the cryptocurrency tokens will appear in your Trust Wallet. 

Step 3: How to Buy Perpetual Protocol Through Pancakeswap 

Now that you have some tokens in your Trust Wallet, you can buy Perpetual Protocol through Pancakeswap. First, you need to connect your wallet to Pancakeswap, as explained under the quickfire guide.

You can then swap the tokens you purchased or transferred earlier for Perpetual Protocol. 

  • Under ‘DEX’ on the Pancakeswap page, locate the ‘Swap’ tab. 
  • You will immediately see ‘You Pay,’ which is where you’ll input the token and desired quantity for the exchange.
  • Note that you are choosing the cryptocurrency token you bought or transferred earlier. 
  • From the ‘You Get’ tab, select Perpetual Protocol and the quantity you want to purchase. 
  • Finally, click ‘Swap’ to complete the exchange. 

The Perpetual Protocol tokens you just bought will immediately appear in your wallet. 

Step 4: How To Sell Perpetual Protocol 

One of the ways you can realize a profit from your Perpetual Protocol tokens is by selling them. Therefore, just as you have learned how to buy Perpetual Protocol tokens with Pancakeswap, learning to sell them is equally important.

You can go about it in the following ways:

  • You can exchange the Perpetual Protocol tokens for another cryptocurrency. For example, on Pancakeswap, you have automatic access to various coins and can exchange Perpetual Protocol for any of them. 
  • On the other hand, you may choose to sell the tokens for fiat money on a third-party cryptocurrency trading platform.
  • Trust Wallet connects with Binance for this purpose, so you can move your tokens there to sell them.
  • However, you have to be verified first, which only happens after you complete the KYC process. 

Where Can You Buy Perpetual Protocol Online?

Perpetual Protocol has about 43 million tokens in circulation, which means finding a place to buy some should not be a problem. However, buying through a DEX is the preferable option, and for this, Pancakeswap is the go-to provider.

In addition, there is a myriad of benefits that come from using a DEX like Pancakeswap, and they are discussed below.

Pancakeswap – Buy Perpetual Protocol Tokens Through a Decentralized Exchange

Decentralized exchanges offer a way of eliminating the need for a third party in cryptocurrency trading. Buying your coin through Pancakeswap brings this theory to life. The exchange works well with Trust Wallet, which is a smart option for storing your Perpetual Protocol tokens owing to its security and ease of access. 

Another perk is that Pancakeswap allows you to make money off your idle coins, as they contribute to the platform’s liquidity pool. You can also stake these coins to earn more rewards. Additionally, Pancakeswap uses an Automated Market Maker system to pair buyers and sellers, making the entire process easy and seamless for investors, whether you’re a newbie or veteran.

Furthermore, diversifying is one of the ways you can mitigate risks in cryptocurrency trading, and Pancakeswap makes it convenient to do this. The exchange grants you access to numerous tokens in which you can invest to widen your portfolio. Some of these coins are unavailable on many other DEX’s, meaning Pancakeswap offers exclusive access. 

Pancakeswap is also unarguably one of the fastest Defi trading platforms. While other exchanges may battle with a slow response time due to high traffic, Pancakeswap operates at an execution speed averaging 5 seconds. This, alongside low transaction fees, makes the exchange a favorite among many.


  • Exchange digital currencies in a decentralized manner
  • No requirement to use a third party when buying and selling cryptocurrency
  • Supports a sizable number of digital tokens
  • Allows you to earn interest on your idle digital assets
  • Sufficient levels of liquidity – even on smaller tokens
  • Prediction and lottery games


  • Might appear daunting at first glance for newbies
  • Does not support fiat payments directly

Ways To Buy Perpetual Protocol 

Summarily, there are two ways you can buy Perpetual Protocol tokens. For both ways, however, you will have to download Trust Wallet if you don't already have it. 

Buy Perpetual Protocol Tokens With Cryptocurrency 

Sending cryptocurrency to your Trust Wallet is one of the easiest and fastest ways to buy Perpetual Protocol. However, this means you must own some digital assets in an external wallet.

Once that is sorted, you can complete the purchase process in Pancakeswap. To do this, connect Trust Wallet to Pancakeswap and exchange the cryptocurrency for Perpetual Protocol tokens. 

Buy Perpetual Protocol With Your Credit or Debit Card

Alternatively, you may use your credit or debit card. Trust Wallet allows you to buy cryptocurrency directly using Visa or Mastercard. For this, you’ll need to complete a KYC process.

After purchasing the cryptocurrency amount you desire, you can then proceed to connect your Trust Wallet to Pancakeswap, which is where the final exchange will happen between the asset you bought and Perpetual Protocol. 

Should I Buy Perpetual Protocol?

This is a frequently asked question about Perpetual Protocol, and it is best answered by you. However, before you can confidently make a decision, you should do some research into Perpetual Protocol. That way, when you decide to buy, it will be an informed decision. 

While contemplating whether to buy Perpetual Protocol, you may consider the following factors. 

Growth Trajectory 

Perpetual Protocol was created in 2019, and as of late July 2021, has a price of over $9. It hit its all-time low (ATL) of $0.65 on 19 November 2020. Four months later, precisely on 19 March 2021, the coin would breach its all-time high (ATH) at $16.22.

For anyone who had bought this coin at its ATL, this would have resulted in gains of over 14,00% when the asset reached its ATH. This indicates great returns in the cryptocurrency market.  More so, as at the time of writing in late July 2021, the coin is trading at just over $10.

This is a relatively low price when you compare against projects like Lido and RenBTC, meaning that Perpetual Protocol tokens might be a good buy because of the value on offer. Yet, this should be based on your own research.

Convenient Trading and Staking Rewards

A Virtual Automated Market Maker (vAMM) paves the way for Perpetual Protocol holders to stake their tokens and make money off them.

  • They stake their tokens in a Staking Pool and get rewarded with a percentage of the transaction fees - which is awarded in stablecoins.
  • You also get staking rewards paid in Perpetual Protocol tokens. 
  • Additionally, the vAMM system makes the pairing of buyers and sellers more convenient.
  • This is one of the major perks of the protocol, as it makes things easy for investors, especially newbies who are just looking to buy Perpetual Protocol for the first time.

More so, the presence of vAMM means traders can buy and sell without any third-party interference.

No Gas Fees & Up to 10x Leverage

The Perpetual Protocol DEX also allows you to go short or long on a wide range of digital assets. More importantly, you can get up to 10x leverage when you trade. This perk makes trading more attractive for many investors - especially those with a small amount of capital. Additionally, you incur no gas fees when you trade owing to xDAI. 

This is in addition to the fact that trading is 100% on-chain and non-custodial. A combined reading of all these features makes Perpetual Protocol a platform of interest. However, if you do buy this coin, ensure you read adequately on the factors that can influence the project.

Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction

One of the things that may influence your decision to buy Perpetual Protocol is its potential growth. However, it is impossible to assert the exact point the coin will hit even by tomorrow. It is also tricky trying to predict how much Perpetual Protocol will be worth in a few days. 

Because cryptocurrencies are volatile, it will be best to avoid basing your purchasing decisions on price predictions and online speculations. Instead, read and digest sufficient information about the project, and when you eventually decide to buy, you will have a deeper understanding of how the market could work.

Risks Of Buying Perpetual Protocol 

Any financial decision you take has a level of risk attached to it, which is very applicable to cryptocurrency trading. There are risks involved in buying Perpetual Protocol tokens because they are volatile assets. They are susceptible to sharp price increases and decreases. This is evidenced in the disparity between the ATL and ATH prices. 

Due to this, you should never make a buying decision based on market speculation. Such assertions do not have tangible data backing them. However, you may choose to buy when the price falls, but there is no way to know whether it will go back up. 

Regardless, it is possible to mitigate your potential losses by considering some of the following tips. 

  • Buy Different Tokens: Diversifying your Perpetual Protocol investment is a great way to reduce your chances of running a loss, as you wouldn’t be focusing on a single token. That way, even when it seems like the market is not in favor of one coin, you have a couple of others to fall back on.
  • Research Beforehand: Adequate research before making a purchase decision will prevent you from entering the wrong trade. This way, you already know the coin’s history, have an idea of potential risks, and are relatively prepared to face them. 
  • Invest at Intervals: A good trader knows to buy periodically because of price fluctuations. Typically, wait for the market to come down before buying Perpetual Protocol.

Best Perpetual Protocol Wallet

You need a suitable wallet to safeguard your Perpetual Protocol tokens, whether you have them in a large or small quantity. When choosing a wallet, factor in user-friendliness, accessibility, and, most importantly, security. 

Here are some of the best Perpetual Protocol wallets for 2021:

Trust Wallet - Overall Best Wallet For Perpetual Protocol 

Trust Wallet is the best wallet for your Perpetual Protocol tokens for several reasons.

  • The wallet collaborates with Binance, which is one of the world’s most renowned digital asset trading platforms.
  • This adds more credibility to the wallet, meaning your coins are safe here.
  • Security-wise, you can rely on Trust Wallet. It has a 12-word passphrase that secures your assets and prevents hackers from accessing your account on another device. 

Trust Wallet also lets you use Pancakeswap, the most suitable DEX for a Defi token like Perpetual Protocol. 

Metamask Wallet - Best Perpetual Protocol Wallet For Security 

Metamask offers Perpetual Protocol token holders an impressive level of security on their coins. The wallet also has a simple user interface, making it convenient for even newbies to navigate.

More so, the wallet connects smoothly with DEX’s like Pancakeswap, making it effortless to buy Perpetual Protocol tokens. With Metamask, you also get to manage and store your account keys easily and without complexity. 

Ledger Wallet - Best Perpetual Protocol Wallet For Convenience 

If you prioritize convenience, then Ledger Wallet may be perfect for storing your Perpetual Protocol tokens. It is a hardware wallet that protects your coins offline, where it is safer. Additionally, you can connect it to your Android, iOS, or desktop.

That way, you can access your wallet anywhere and anytime. The provider also gives you a seed phrase for retrieving and accessing your wallet.  

How To Buy Perpetual Protocol - Bottom Line

In this how to buy Perpetual Protocol guide, we have explained in detail the process involved in purchasing this asset. The best way to obtain Defi tokens like Perpetual Protocol is to go through a decentralized exchange like Pancakeswap. This option makes the process seamless and can be completed within minutes. 

Even if you do not have cryptocurrency in an external wallet, you can still buy Perpetual Protocol by purchasing tokens with your credit or debit card. The best part is you can do it by connecting your Trust Wallet to the Pancakeswap DEX. Knowing all this, you can say you’ve learned how to buy Perpetual Protocol tokens.

Buy Perpetual Protocol Now via Pancakeswap

Always consider the risks involved when buying cryptocurrencies. Digital assets are highly speculative and volatile.


How much is Perpetual Protocol?

Perpetual Protocol is a cryptocurrency asset, and as such, does not have a stable price. However, as of late July 2021, one PERP is trading at just over $9.

Is Perpetual Protocol a good buy?

Perpetual Protocol is a Defi coin with a market capitalization of over $436 million (as of mid-2021). It has a trading volume of more than $54 million, which is a testament to its high demand. However, deciding whether it is a good buy or not is entirely up to you. You can only know this when you research adequately.

What is the minimum Perpetual Protocol tokens you can buy?

You can buy less than one Perpetual Protocol token because this asset is available for purchase in fractions.

What is the Perpetual Protocol all-time high?

Perpetual Protocol breached its all-time high of $16.22 on 19 March 2020.

How do you buy Perpetual Protocol using a debit card?

If you want to buy Perpetual Protocol coins with your debit card, you’ll need a provider that accepts fiat money. We suggest checking out Trust Wallet for numerous reasons. It lets you buy cryptocurrency directly with your card and also connect to Pancakeswap easily. Then, you can swap your purchased crypto for Perpetual Protocol tokens.

How many Perpetual Protocol tokens are there?

As at the time of writing, there is no information on the maximum supply of Perpetual Protocol tokens. However, there are 43 million tokens available in circulation.

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