is a Decentralized Finance (Defi) project that allows its users to maximize profits from yield farming. The protocol was founded by Andre Cronje in February 2020. This is the first coin to be worth more than Bitcoin per unit – with the digital currency since hitting highs of over $88,000.  

Do you want to invest in this coin and don’t know how to start? If so, we have come up with the ultimate guide. Here, we explain how you can buy in a low-cost and simple way in less than 10 minutes!

How to Buy—Quickfire Walkthrough to Buy in less than 10 Minutes

One crucial characteristic of this Defi token is the absence of centralized control over the trading process.

As a Defi asset, there is no better way to buy than through a decentralized exchange like Pancakeswap. This way, you do not need third-party facilitation to get things done.

Buy your token via the steps below.      

  • Step 1: Get Trust Wallet: In order to use Pancakeswap effectively, you require a cryptocurrency wallet. Trust Wallet is the most satisfactory as it is simple to use and offers watertight security features. You can download the app on your device via Google Playstore or iOS.
  • Step 2: Search Once you download and install, open and search for ‘’
  • Step 3: Deposit Funds Into Wallet: There are two ways to deposit funds into your Trust wallet; you can either acquire cryptocurrency using your debit/credit card or transfer digital tokens from an external wallet. 
  • Step 4: Connect to Pancakeswap: After crediting your Trust Wallet, look below to see the ‘DApps’ icon. Click and select ‘Pancakeswap.’ After choosing, continue to click the ‘Connect’ button. 
  • Step 5: Buy  After you have connected Pancakeswap to Trust Wallet, click the ‘Exchange’ button. A drop-down icon will pop up below the ‘From’ tab. The next step is to pick the cryptocurrency you want to exchange for Beneath the ‘To’ tab, you will see another drop-down icon—that is where you will choose

Enter the number of tokens you want to buy and click the ‘Swap’ button to end the process.

On completing the transaction, the tokens will show in your wallet. There, your tokens are secure until you are ready to withdraw them.

Always consider the risks involved when buying cryptocurrencies. Digital assets are highly speculative and volatile. 

How to Buy —Full Step-by-Step Walkthrough

If you are not familiar with Defi coin or a decentralized exchange platform, the quickfire walkthrough might seem a little technical for you. Not to worry, below is a more detailed step-by-step guide on how to buy

Step 1: Create a Trust Wallet Account

As mentioned above, you need a cryptocurrency wallet to which you connect to your Pancakeswap. The wallet will enable you to store the tokens you buy. There are several wallets that you can use, but none has the suitability of Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet can be used by both newbies and experts in the crypto field. Also, it has the support of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world—Binance. To get a Trust Wallet, download it on your mobile device via Google Playstore or Appstore. After you have it installed, open and follow the necessary steps to create your login details.

Your login details will include your PIN and a 12-word passphrase. This passphrase is essential to recover your account in case you forget your login details or misplace your phone. Therefore, keep your passphrase somewhere safe.

Step 2: Deposit Funds into your Account

After completing the Trust Wallet setup process, you need funds to begin any transaction. You can deposit them in one of the following ways:

Transfer Digital Assets from Another Wallet

It would help if you have cryptocurrency in an external wallet to transfer assets into your Trust Wallet. This is relatively easy; below are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Trust Wallet app.
  • Click on ‘Receive’ and pick the cryptocurrency you want to transfer into your Trust Wallet. 
  • You will get a unique wallet address to receive that particular cryptocurrency. 
  • Copy the unique wallet address. 
  • Paste the address into the external wallet where you have the cryptocurrency. 
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to transfer. 
  • Confirm the transaction. 

On confirming, the tokens will show in your Trust Wallet in up to 20 minutes. 

Buy Crypto with Your Debit/Credit Card

The second way to deposit funds into your wallet is with your debit/credit card. This is applicable when you do not have any cryptocurrency in an external wallet. You can do this on Trust Wallet as it allows for the use of a debit/credit card to initiate a purchase. Below are the steps: 

  • Open your Trust Wallet app. 
  • Click on the ‘Buy’ button at the top of the app. 
  • This will lead you to a page where you will be shown the list of tokens you can buy using your debit/credit card. 
  • You can purchase any coin you want, but it is best to buy Binance Coin (BNB) or any alternatives like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 
  • You will need to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) process since you are purchasing with fiat money. 
  • The KYC process requires you to enter some personal details and upload an ID issued by the government. 
  • After completing the transaction, the crypto will be deposited in your account immediately.

Step 3: Buy through Pancakeswap

The next step after you have digital assets in your Trust Wallet is to buy via Pancakeswap. This is done using the direct swap process. 

Here is how it works.

  • Still on the Trust Wallet app, click on the ‘DEX’ button and select ‘Swap.’
  • You will see the ‘You Pay’ tab, where you choose the token you want to pay with. 
  • Note that the cryptocurrency you choose to pay with is the one you purchased in Step 2. 
  • Enter the token amount. 
  • Select ‘’ from the ‘You Get’ tab. 

You will receive equivalent to the tokens with which you paid. Proceed by clicking the ‘Swap’ button. 

It is that easy! You have successfully bought your using Pancakeswap. 

Step 4: Sell 

The journey into being a pro with trading doesn’t stop when you buy. Well, you certainly will not let your sit in your wallet forever; you will want to make profits from it. That is where selling comes in. Your selling strategy will depend on your objective with the coin.

Your goals could be:

  • To change into another cryptocurrency
  • To sell and earn fiat money in return. 

If you want to change your tokens into another crypto, you can do so using Pancakeswap. However, to sell into fiat money, you will need to use a third-party exchange. This will require you to complete the KYC process which is in compliance with the anti-money laundering laws. 

Where to Buy Online

Even though the circulating supply of is about 36,000 YFI, its market cap is over one billion dollars. This implies that it is quite popular and is therefore listed on several crypto exchanges. This gives you many exchange platforms to choose from.

Nonetheless, the best remains Pancakeswap. 

Below are reasons to back up our statement. 

Pancakeswap—Buy through a Decentralized Exchange

Pancakeswap is a leading decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Its Automated Market Maker (AMM) feature allows users to swap cryptocurrency assets, leverage liquidity and complex algorithms through farming, to earn fees in return.

Another significant advantage enjoyed by Pancakeswap users is their access to new tokens. It also provides a more cost-effective alternative to users. So, when you use Pancakeswap, you gain access to a cheaper and faster transaction. It is also a wise option for those seeking a private trading experience.

To get started with Pancakeswap, you need to have a compatible wallet. Trust Wallet is the best pick here as it integrates with Pancakeswap swiftly. Other wallet options are SafePay and TokenPocket.

Once you have gotten your Trust Wallet, you can either transfer cryptocurrency into it from an external wallet or by using your debit/credit card. With that done, proceed to Pancakeswap to swap your digital assets for It is as simple as that!


  • Exchange digital currencies in a decentralized manner
  • No requirement to use a third party when buying and selling cryptocurrency
  • Supports a sizable number of digital tokens
  • Allows you to earn interest on your idle crypto funds
  • Sufficient levels of liquidity – even on smaller tokens
  • Prediction and lottery games


  • Might appear daunting at first glance for newbies
  • Does not support fiat payments directly

Always consider the risks involved when buying cryptocurrencies. Digital assets are highly speculative and volatile. 

Ways to Buy

There are a number of ways you can buy Your choice depends on your disposition. For example, you might want to buy using a preferred payment method or a particular cryptocurrency exchange. 

The best ways to buy are:

Buy Using Your Debit/Credit Card

For you to purchase using your debit/credit card, you first have to buy a common cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Trust Wallet is the best to use here, as it supports this payment method. After, connect to Pancakeswap and swap the crypto bought for

Note that to buy using your debit/credit card, you will be required to undergo a KYC process. The implication of this is that you cannot make transactions anonymously. 

Buy Using Cryptocurrency 

You can either buy using your debit/credit card or swap with another cryptocurrency. For you to do this, you need to have digital assets in an external wallet. After, all you have to do is swap the crypto for via Pancakeswap. 

You will have to transfer the cryptocurrency to a suitable wallet like Trust Wallet. This is recommended because it safeguards your token excellently and works with Pancakeswap conveniently. 

Should I Buy

Buying is a decision you should make after adequate research on the token. This personal research will serve as the basis for your resolution and also help you understand the coin’s pros and cons. 

Doing independent research can be a little tasking as you might not know the correct information to stick to. However, below are relevant considerations to put in place when buying

Remarkable Growth Since Launch

As mentioned earlier, was launched in February 2020. Formerly known as iEarn, has seen huge and remarkable growth. In November 2020, it was sold for about $11,000 per token. As of July 2021, it is worth about $33,000 per token, giving a nearly 200% increase in less than a year. 

As mentioned earlier, was the first digital asset to be worth more than Bitcoin (BTC) per unit. It had an all-time high of over $93,000 per token in May 2021.  That was higher than Bitcoin's all-time high of around $62,000. Essentially, the coin’s price trajectory represents a remarkable growth since its launch

Transparency Maintenance

The founder, Andre Cronje, sought to maintain a high level of transparency regardless of Decentralized Finance's inherent risks. Noteworthy, these intrinsic risks that come with Decentralized Finance can make users lose money due to rapid market conditions. But this is an issue peculiar to the DeFi industry generally. 

Still, on transparency, the protocol’s governance structure is community-based. This means that token holders have a stake in the decision-making process. The more tokens you have, the higher your decision-making power. This is impressive for YFI because proposals will only be tabled where 33% of token holders agree, making for a fairly democratized DeFi system.

A Freely-Tradable Token is a token that can be traded on any decentralized exchange platform. Also, it has pairs for cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and fiat currencies widely available. Central exchange platforms dealing includes Binance, OKEx, Huobi Global, and more.

Taking Advantage of the Dip

A dip is a temporary fall in cryptocurrency prices. This could be as a result of negative news, government intervention, or adverse market conditions. When you buy the dip, it is an investment strategy that involves purchasing a digital asset when the price has gone down. had an all-time low of $739 per token in July 2020 and an all-time high of over $93,000 in May 2021. Thus, anyone who bought at $739 would have witnessed an increase of about 12,535% when it reached its all-time high.

Furthermore, at the time of writing in July 2021, is priced at over $33,000 per token. Therefore, it might be a good buy depending on your purchasing capacity and how you perceive the dip. After all, based on this price, this works out at a discount of about 60%. Price Prediction 

It is tempting to want to learn more about YFI’s price prediction. However, this requires utmost care because digital assets like this are volatile and often fluctuate in price. Therefore, any price prediction platform stating anything with certainty should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Risks of Buying

With sufficient research, you will understand that trading cryptocurrency has its pullbacks. For example, the price of invariably changes when the market takes a turn. Additionally, there are several cases of cyber phishing since it is technology-based, putting digital assets at significant risk. 

Notwithstanding, there are ways you can reduce the risks.                                   

  • Make sure your stakes are reasonable—do not go all in.
  • Research adequately before choosing an exchange or a wallet. That is why Pancakeswap is recommended for exchange and Trust Wallet for the best storage wallet. 
  • Invest in other Decentralized Finance (DeFi) coin along with This helps to expand your holdings and gives you different streams of cryptocurrency income.
  • Use a dollar-cost averaging strategy to buy This enables you to buy regularly but in minimal amounts depending on the market direction.

Best Wallets

To safely secure digital assets, you need to keep them in a cryptocurrency wallet. Your choice of a wallet depends on the type of token you want to keep. To choose a wallet, you may want to focus on proficiency and security. 

Here are the most reliable wallets.

Trust Wallet: Overall Best Wallet

Trust Wallet is a wallet officially backed by Binance, and it is also the most popular among investors and traders. It is also a great wallet to store Likewise, it is best to use it when you are just getting started with cryptocurrencies.

Trust Wallet is a software wallet that can be accessed through a mobile device. To gain access, download the app via Google Playstore or iOS for free.

It supports several cryptocurrencies, is proficient, and gives you complete power over your private keys. You can also get digital assets using debit/credit cards and connect with Pancakeswap seamlessly.  

Atomic Wallet: Multi-Platform Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a wallet with Android, iOS, and several desktop versions available. It supports a number of cryptocurrencies including It is convenient to use and enables you to swap back and forth between digital assets. 

If your focus on storing your is convenience, then Atomic Wallet is the one for you. 

Ledger Nano X: Best Hardware Wallet.

Ledger Nano X is the best-encrypted hardware wallet to store It has the capacity to keep a large amount of for a long period of time. It allows you to be offline without the fear of your account being hacked, keeping your digital assets secure. 

Additionally, it has an option where you can use seed cards to recover your account in case of a network attack, damage, or compromise. 

How to Buy —Bottom Line has increased in popularity since its launch in February 2020 and is one of the coins with high value in the market currently. It was also the first coin to be worth more than one Bitcoin per unit. 

To buy, there are several options to choose from, but none equals using a decentralized exchange like Pancakeswap. This platform uses a direct swap process where you can exchange one digital asset for another. 

This guide has explained how to buy through Pancakeswap, thereby discarding the need to involve a third party that would have required you to complete a KYC process.

Buy Now via Pancakeswap

Always consider the risks involved when buying cryptocurrencies. Digital assets are highly speculative and volatile. 


How much is

Just like every other digital asset, the price of is dicey. As of July 2021, the price of one token is worth just over $33,000.

Is a good buy?

Showing great yield since its launch in 2020, still remains speculative and volatile. So, it's best you do some personal research before diving in.

What is the minimum tokens you can buy?

You can normally buy any amount of

What is the all-time high? had an all-time high on May 12, 2021, when it was priced at $93,435.

How do you buy tokens using a debit card?

It's best to buy through a decentralized exchange like Pamcakeswap. Start by using your debit/credit card to buy a digital asset on an external wallet, preferably Trust Wallet. Proceed to swap the asset you bought for on Pancakeswap. That's it!

How many tokens are there? has a total supply of 36,000 tokens and a market cap of over $1 billion as of July 2021.

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