Do you know any investors in the Crypto space? Or do you know someone that would be interested in our project? Don’t miss the chance to join our referral program.

Here at DeFi Coins, we offer many benefits to gain monument and profit with our token. We have developed this program for those that have a passion for crypto and passion for our project. Each time you refer someone you earn DeFi Coins! You benefit from this project as much as you like. The opportunities we provide are endless. We are a community first company and we will also put our community and investors at the first point of thought in all our decisions.

We make sure all our referrals are done fairly and safely. And we have put these into categories to in the level of work you have implemented;

  • Cat1: (1-5) Referrals a week you will earn: 20 DeFi Coins
  • Cat2: (10-15) Referrals a week you will earn: 50 DeFi Coins
  • Cat3: (25-50) Referrals a week you will earn: 150 DeFi Coins


  • Cat1: If your referral invests $500 you will earn 250 DeFi Coins
  • Cat2: If your referral Invests $1,000 you will earn 400 DeFi Coins
  • Cat3: If your referral Invests $2,000 you will earn 800 DeFi Coins

All referrals and bonus referrals will be reviewed within 48 hours and payments will be made after 3-4 months after both yourself and the referral are continuing to be holding the token. Payments will be sent straight out after this. We ensure this to avoid scammers utilising our referral program.

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