Akropolis is an Ethereum-based DeFi protocol that is also behind its own native token – AKRO. The project’s initial coin offering in 2019 raised $2.4 million worth of ETH. Since then, Akropolis has increased its value by a significant amount. 

If you are wondering how to buy Akropolis in a burden-free and cost-effective way, this guide has the information you need.  

How to Buy Akropoli –Quickfire Walkthrough to Buy AKRO Tokens in 10 Minutes

The simplest way to buy Akropolis is from Capital.com, a brokerage site without commission charges.  You don’t have to store or own the tokens. Instead, you’ll buy AKRO as a CFD instrument.

Take the steps below to buy Akropolis CFDs in just a few minutes:

  •   Step 1: Register an Account at Capital.com –Visit the official website to create your account. This will require your contact details and personal information, which will take a few minutes to add. 
  •   Step 2: Upload ID – To verify your new account, upload a government-issued ID. This is a requirement as per KYC laws.
  •   Step 3:  Deposit Funds  – After verifying your account, deposit some funds. You can do this through the available payment options listed – which include a bank transfer, credit card, debit card, e-wallet, ApplePay, and Webmoney.
  •   Step 4: Search for AKRO – Go ahead and enter ‘AKRO’ into the search box. Look for AKRO/USD and click on it.
  •   Step 5: Buy AKRO CFD – Conclude by clicking on the ‘BUY’ button. Enter your stake and confirm the order.

After placing your AKRO order, it will remain open until you decide to close it. Anytime you want to cash out, simply place a “sell” order. Once you initiate the sale, you’ll receive the funds in your Capital.com cash account.

Your capital is at risk – 67.7% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

How To Buy AKRO Online – Complete Step-by-step Walkthrough

If you’re buying any cryptocurrency for the first time from an online exchange or broker,  the process may seem daunting. There’s no need to worry. 

Below we guide you through the step-by-step process of how to buy Akropolis CFD on Capital.com. The good news is that you can complete the whole process in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Open a Trading Account

The preliminary step of how to buy AKRO is to create an online account with a top-rated broker that supports the token. Our top pick for this process is Capital.com. The broker is regulated and also allows you to buy Akropolis CFDs without paying any commission. You will also have the confidence to transact on a secured platform – as Capital.com is heavily regulated.

To start the process, visit the Capital.com website and click the “Trade Now” button. Once you do that, follow the on-screen steps by filling in your details. The broker requires some information such as your email address, home address, phone number, date of birth, etc. After providing your details, you’ll be directed to the next step.

Your capital is at risk – 67.7% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Step 2: Upload ID

After providing the preliminary information, you’ll need to upload a valid ID. Capital.com is operating under the regulations of several financial agencies – such as the FCA and CySEC. This is the reason behind the Know Your Customer (KYC) process that its users must go through.

So, to verify your account, you must upload a valid government-issued ID as a mandatory requirement. The ID can be your driver’s license or passport. You will also need to upload proof of address. 

The document may be a bank statement, credit card statement, or utility bill. Once you’ve uploaded the documents, the broker verifies them almost immediately.

Step 3: Make a Deposit

Capital.com allows for several payment methods to fund your account. There is no charge for depositing and withdrawing funds and you have the following payment methods at your disposal:

  •       Bank Transfer
  •       Credit card
  •       Debit card
  •       iDeal
  •       Webmoney
  •       2c2p
  •       Giropay
  •       Przelewy24
  •       Multibank
  •       Trustly
  •       ApplePay
  •       AstropayTEF
  •       QIWI

Step 4: How To Buy AKRO

You can immediately buy AKRO CFDs after funding your online trading account on Capital.com. Simply enter “AKRO/USD” in the search box and proceed to click the pop-up result. Choosing AKRO/USD implies that you’ll be trading the future value of AKRO against the US Dollar. 

Then, continue the process by setting up your buy order. Enter your stake amount and then confirm the trade.

To clarify, choosing a “buy order” means speculation of an increase in the value of Akropolis tokens. After confirming the order, Capital.com will execute it instantly. The broker uses the best available price within the period you’ve placed the order.

You can also choose a specific price to enter the market. All you have to do is set up a limit order at Capital.com alongside the price you wish to make the purchase. Once your desired price is triggered by the market, the limit order will be executed. 

Step 5: How to Sell AKRO

You can easily cash out your AKRO tokens anytime you wish. All you have to do is to place a sell order. Capital.com will execute your sel order instantly and close the trade on your AKRO CFDs. In doing so, the proceeds will be added to your cash balance. You can then withdraw the cash whenever you want.

Ultimately, buying Akropolis through a CFD instrument removes the need to store the tokens. Also, you will have access to short-selling facilities and leverage. CFDs track the value of the underlying asset meaning that the tokens do not exist on Capital.com. Thus, you won’t need to worry about wallet storage.

Where To Buy AKRO Online

AKRO is an open-source protocol that enables the launching of Dapps via its native framework. The token is available on lots of major exchanges and brokerages. But, be careful when choosing where to buy Akropolis. 

After all, if you use a non-regulated trading platform, you’re risking your capital. Such platforms are prone to hacking, and therefore you could lose your AKRO tokens to cybercriminals.

To protect you from such incidents, it’s best to use a fully regulated broker like Capital.com, where you can conveniently buy AKRO at zero commission.

Below we discuss the ins and outs of why Capital.com is the best broker to buy and sell DeFi coin like Akropolis.

1. Capital.com – Buy AKRO CFDs with Leverage at Zero Commission

new capital.com logoCapital.com is a top-rated online brokerage where you can access Akropolis and other digital instruments. It is a secure platform, which is attributed to the strict regulation by two reputable financial agencies – the FCA in the UK and CySEC in Cyprus. The platform enables you to trade AKRO through CFDs. 

This is contrary to what’s obtainable on many crypto exchanges, where you’ll have to buy the crypto token directly before trading.  The broker removes the need to search for a secured and appropriate wallet to store your AKRO tokens. Moreover, you won’t face the hassle of safeguarding your wallet’s private keys and other associated security risks.

The only thing you’ll be required to do on Capital.com is to place your Akropolis buy order. Once you do that, the broker executes it automatically. When executing any Akropolis CFD trades, you can also go for a “short” position. In doing so, your sell order automatically positions you for a profit if the token’s value goes down.

At Capital.com, you have the benefit of buying Akropolis CFDs with leverage. A cap to leverage of 1:2 applies to European residents. This is based on ESMA regulation. However, other countries are allowed to transact with higher limits. Also, Capital.com charges zero commission for buy or sell orders on Akropolis as it is a ‘spread-only’ broker.

Capital.com gives you multiple options for depositing funds into your online trading account. Such options include debit cards, credit cards, Webmoney, bank transfer, Sofort, ApplePay, and more. The broker doesn’t charge anything when making a deposit, which is great. You can also trade CFDs in other forms such as stocks,  ETFs, forex, energies, precious metals, and indices.


  • 0% commission broker with very tight spreads
  • Regulated by the FCA and CySEC
  • Trade dozens of DeFi coin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Supports debit/credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets
  • Markets also offered on stocks, forex, commodities, indices, and more
  • Easy to use web trading platform and also support for MT4
  • Low minimum deposit threhold


  • Specializes exclusively in CFD markets
  • Web trading platform is perhaps too basic for experienced pros

Your capital is at risk - 67.7% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Should I Buy Akropolis?

Akropolis is one of many Defi coin in the crypto market. Before adding Akropolis to your crypto portfolio, you should carry out in-depth research.

If you’re unsure about the viability of making an Akropolis investment, here are some factors to consider before proceeding.

Boost Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio With a Low-Cost Token

As the decentralized finance sector gains more credence, it's becoming more difficult to buy leading tokens. For example, WBTC has since traded above $37,000 and YFI in excess of $36,000.

However, the price of AKRO tokens, at the time of writing, stands at just $0.0204 each. This offers a great way to increase your digital assets. With just a few dollars, you can buy many AKRO tokens and thus - boost your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Encourage Price Growth

Though AKRO as a platform has experienced its share of downtime, the price growth of its token has been encouraging. From $0.014 at the time of its launch, the price of AKRO tokens is at $0.0204 at the time of writing. 

This shows almost a 100% increase in price. There is still an expectation from some commentators of a further increase in the future - not least because the project still carries a modest market capitalization.

Akropolis Price Prediction 2021

The trend in cryptocurrencies has always been dynamic. As such, it will be difficult to make a forecast on the future price of AKRO with any certainty. However, from its period of launch to now, the price of Akropolis has shown a very strong upward surge.

According to several crypto analysts, there will be a possible increase in the price of AKRO based on long-term growth. Some AKRO price predictions are positioned at $0.03411 by the end of 2021.

Best Akropolis Wallets

Are you planning to buy AKRO from a crypto exchange? Do you plan to hold your tokens for a long time to cash out when the price is high? If so, you will have to decide on the best possible storage options to protect your investment from cybercriminals.

Crucially, you shouldn’t leave your AKRO tokens in an exchange web wallet. Such actions could expose the tokens to hackers. 

With this in mind, below are some popular wallets for storing AKRO tokens.

Ledger Nano – Best AKRO Wallet for Security

Ledger Nano wallets are best known for exceptionally high levels of security. It’s a hardware wallet that is widely recommended by the crypto community.

The wallet supports more than 1,250 cryptocurrencies - including AKRO. As such, you can use it to store as many tokens as you aim to buy. It's compatible with desktops, laptops, and smartphones. Ledger Nano wallets are also portable and come with an in-built battery that you can easily recharge.

Trezor – Best AKRO Wallet for Convenience

The convenience associated with Trezor makes it a popular choice among crypto users. It supports all ERC-20 tokens and other cryptocurrencies. Trezor ensures the safety of your investments, not least because your private keys are housed on a physical device instead of a desktop or mobile computer.

Atomic Wallet – Best AKRO Wallet for Beginners

As a newbie in the crypto world, an Atomic wallet is the best choice for storing your AKRO tokens. It also supports other ERC-20 tokens. It's also very easy and simple to use through operating systems like Linux, Android, iOS, etc. 

The Atomic wallet supports the swapping of different cryptocurrencies and you can easily perform transactions.

Top Tip: Always remember that there’s no need to have a wallet if you’ll be trading Akropolis tokens through a regulated CFD broker such as Capital.com.

How To Buy Akropolis – Bottom Line

There are several options to choose from when considering how to buy Akropolis online. Buying this digital asset as conventional tokens can leave you with lots to think about. This includes having to decide on the best wallet for the storage of your AKRO tokens alongside the issue of keeping your private keys secure.

Taking this into account, we think that buying Akropolis CFDs through a heavily regulated broker like Capital.com stands as the best option. This broker offers leverage facilities and charges zero commission. Best of all, there is no requirement to worry about storage as you are trading CFDs.

All it takes is a few minutes to open an account and you can deposit funds with an e-wallet, bank transfer, or credit/debit card.

Capital.com - Best Broker to Buy Akropolis CFDs

new capital.com logo

Your capital is at risk - 67.7% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.


How much is Akropolis?

There’s always a fluctuation in the price of Akropolis. This is because of the instability in the demand and supply of the crypto markets. The price of Akropolis at the time of writing is $0.0204 per token.

Is Akropolis a buy?

The decision on whether or not to buy Akropolis should be based on your own research. With that said, from its time of launch, the price of Akropolis has made a considerable increase. Investment in AKRO could be a good long-term move based on various price predictions - but of course, there is every chance that you will lose money. 

What are the minimum Akropolis tokens you can buy?

There is no minimum number of tokens when buying Akropolis. You can buy any number of AKRO tokens based on your own budget. After all, Akropolis is trading for just a couple of cents. 

What is the Akropolis's all-time high?

The Akropolis all-time high stands at $0.08861 - which it hit in April 2021.

How many Akropolis tokens are there?

Acropolis has set a maximum supply of 4 billion AKRO tokens.

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