As the world is becoming more digitalized, the growth of cryptocurrency is skyrocketing. As a result, more people and organizations are embracing digital assets. However, there is also the need for full integration between the digital world and the physical world.

People are bothered about the security and credibility of their digital assets. Therefore, they prefer good services that will store and protect their assets. Also, such services must be easily accessible and available 24/7.

The Uquid ecosystem, which supports the Uquid Coin (UQC), has greatly impacted the crypto world.

Uquid Coin offers a conducive environment for the trading and exchange of your cryptocurrencies with much ado. Moreover, the UQC service allows you to store your digital assets on cards that you can use globally.

Through its operations, it brings a connection between real-world activities and cryptocurrency. It also gives its users enhanced experiences like instant liquidity through the Uquid Coin ecosystem for Bitcoin and its Altcoins.

In this article, we’ll give you the Uquid Coin review to unfold its reliability and credibility.

What is Uquid Coin?

UQC is a multipurpose platform that issues digital assets debit cards to users. The card could be virtual or physical. The network has gained popularity in the crypto community by supporting over 89 digital assets. Some of these assets include Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.

By issuing cards to cryptocurrency holders, Uquid Coin enables the users to explore the great possibilities of assets. Moreover, they can easily utilize their digital assets in the conventional real-world environment.

Besides debit cards, Uquid Coin also provides Mobile money solutions, e-wallet, payment processor, and Gambling solutions. Uquid cards are available in over 178 countries; unfortunately, it’s not yet available in the U.S.

What makes Uquid Coin Unique?

Uquid Coin is a blockchain asset that gives financial support for the use of fiat currencies. The main fiat currencies that the network supports are USD, GBP, and EUR. Cryptocurrency holders can spend directly from their wallets at the current market value. So there’s no ambiguity on the rate for what you spend.

One of the interesting aspects of Uquid Coin is that you can withdraw money directly from ATMs using your issued debit card. This particular service is available in over 34 different countries of the world. Also, Uquid Coin owners can receive payments through Gaming sites, PayPal, etc.

The functionality of Uquid Coin makes it to be in high demand. Travelers and cryptocurrency users that have no bank agreements always demand the service of UQC.

The card users can utilize their issued cards for payment of several goods and services. Some of these payments are acceptable in pharmacies, supermarkets, mobile transfers, public transports, etc.

Through Uquid Coin, you will get the exceptional and bests cryptocurrency market exchange rates. This will help you in the trading, selling, buying, lending, or borrowing of cryptocurrencies. In addition, by using the Uquid Prepaid Card Solution, businesses can efficiently manage their commissions and incentives.

They can also control their business expenditures and make travel payments. Uquid Coin gives those business operations the convenience, security, and flexibility they need.

Uquid Coin Global Mission and Values

The Uquid Coin ecosystem has laid a solid foundation of expectancy in its entrance into the cryptocurrency. Having completed its initial milestones, the network has given its clients and investors favor and hope.

Moreover, it has proven how easy it is to connect digital assets (Altcoins) with the conventional financial system.

With the core goal of granting its customers maximum satisfaction, Uquid Coin continuously works on its developmental aspects.

The platform strives to provide features that the users can benefit from. Being the ‘All-In-One-Solution’ platform, Uquid Coin has become universal, simple, easy, and user-friendly. The network is metamorphosing to continuously create, maintain, and improve its clients’ experiences.

The UQC ICO pushes the Uquid Coin ecosystem into rapid developmental growth. The growth has enabled great features for navigating the crypto market and in meeting the users’ expectations.

The platform has also become the bridge between digital assets and conventional real-world environments.

Users can now conveniently explore their funds in several means other than crypto to crypto transactions.

The Uquid Coin ecosystem is proposing more developmental services for its users. The Uquid Coin Fund Raising Campaign gives the backing for these great tasks in the ecosystem.

Uquid Coin Services

Here is a list of some services by the Uquid Coin network:

  • Trading Fees Payments – Uquid Coin platform is a favorable ground to use in paying trading fees. There’s also a percentage you can earn from the platform for using it in payments.
  • Bill Payment – You can conveniently make several payments using Uquid Coin.
  • Mobile Top Up – Uquid Coin promotes crypto adoption, which is one of its primary focuses. The use of mobile top-up on the platform is an aid in achieving this goal.
  • Utility Payment – The network gives users to make some utility payments such as water, electricity, and others. The network simplifies the process. This is because most of the service providers are accessible from the platform. Also, it permits the swap of digital assets with fiat currencies.
  • Liquidity – The Uquid Coin network’s token, UQC, is swappable in various exchanges easily. The token is an ERC-20 token and supports the Uquid Coin ecosystem.
  • Staking – Through staking, the holders can support the security and operations in the ecosystem.
  • Margin– The protocol promotes Defi margin. This helps users to earn interest from decentralized lending pools from their leveraged margin positions.
  • Lending – Users can access uncollateralized loans from the platform using its unique features.
  • Borrowing – Users can easily borrow from the platform. They just have to lock and tokens as collaterals.
  • Swapping – Using the Uquid Coin Defi platform, you can conveniently exchange your tokens for other tokens of your choice.
  • Pharmacy Voucher – The cryptocurrency provides vouchers for users to use in pharmacies to make their purchases.
  • Food Vouch – A user can also get a food voucher through Uquid Coin.

Benefits of Uquid Coin

  • Prepaid – You get to spend the amount you load. So there’s no room for debt.
  • No credit check – Cardholders won’t pass through the hassles associated with credit history. Also, there’s no requirement for a bank account to be a cardholder.
  • Security – The security of the network is top-notch. This means you have no fears for your funds. The network ensures maximum for the money in the cards that they issue.
  • Easy access to funds – When you use the platform, you are sure to get access to your funds anytime, any day. You can manage your funds from your mobile device or a computer. You can also cash your money from ATMs or Point of Sale (POS).
  • Fast – There’s no delay with Uquid Coin. You can instantly fund and access your money.
  • Private – The platform maintains the privacy of its users. You can make payment while still concealing your financial details.
  • Receive money – The cards can accept payments such as rewards and refunds.
  • Multicurrency – You have access to convert your money to any currency of your choice, depending on where you are. The conversion is usually between USD, GBP, and EUR.

Features of Uquid Coin Cards

Uquid Coin network provides two different debit cards. They are Bitcoin cards and Altcoin cards.

The Bitcoin debit card is elementary to use. Among other benefits from the card, you will always get the best Bitcoin rate available in the market.

Altcoin debit card permits the storage of about 89 different cryptocurrencies in one account. So you can easily make a switch from one asset to another.

While issuing the cards to the users, it can either be a Virtual card or a Physical plastic card. Each type comes with its unique feature.

Features of a Virtual Card

  • Card-to-card transfers.
  • Zero percent fee charges for POS transactions.
  • Instant delivery using 1 USD/GBP/EUR.
  • Online verification.
  • Validity of about 3 years.
  • Linked to PayPal.
  • Unlimited ATM withdrawals.

Features of a Physical Debit Card

  • Card-to-card transfers.
  • Zero percent fee charges for POS transactions.
  • Free and fast delivery.
  • Unlimited ATM withdrawals.
  • Unloadable to Uquid Coin balance.

Uquid Coin Token – UQC

The native Uquid coin is UQC. The token is an ERC-20 token that governs and supports the Uquid ecosystem. The Uquid Coin, UQC built on the Ethereum blockchain, was launched in October 2017.

The token has seen various swindling from its time of launch till now. The price of UQC at the time of writing this article on 24th June 2021 is at $18.54 per token with a trading volume of over $5.6 million. This price shows that the token made a 2.93% up within the last 24 hours.

Uquid Coin Review: All You Need To About UQC Before Buying In Bulk

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Though there’s no available maximum supply limit for the token, its current circulating supply is 10 million tokens.

Where to Buy UQC Tokens?

The Uquid Coin has become popular due to its interface between digital assets and the conventional world environment.

This makes the token to be listed in several exchanges. For example, you can buy UQC tokens from OMGFIN, Bitterxe Global, Bitcratic, Coinsuper, Folgory, Bibox,, Probit, KuCoin, etc.

Where To Store UQC?

UQC is an ERC-20 token. The tokens can be store in any ERC-20 compatible wallet. There are always good and convenient software and hardware wallets that you can use to store your UQC tokens. Depending on your preference and, of course, the length of your holding to the tokens, you can make your choice.

Some of the compatible wallets for UQC tokens include Ledger, Trezor, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Bitgo, etc.

How to Get a Uquid Card?

You must first register for a Uquid Coin account to be a Uquid Coin cardholder. From the arrange on the platform, account opening will always direct you to the OMGFIN exchange platform.

However, you will not access the Uquid Card directly from OMGFIN’s website. This means you must go Uquid platform.

The Uquid card is similar to a VISA card. So you can use it where VISA cards are accepted. The process of acquiring is smooth and simple. You will also receive the card faster without prolonged waiting.

Use the following steps to create your account.

  • Fill the form for your registration as displayed on the screen. The information includes account name, email, full name, address, date of birth, etc.
  • Make a confirmation for reading and agreeing with the Terms and Conditions.
  • You will receive an email from Uquid Coin to confirm your account using an activation link.
  • Click on the link. You will be asked to set a PIN code and input your password.
  • You will then receive a permanent Account code and PIN code.

So like that, you’ve got a Uquid Coin account. So naturally, you must endeavor to safeguard the information. But, unfortunately, any compromise can lead to account loss.

How to Use Uquid Coin?

From your account, you can easily check for some operations on the account. The information to get includes your balances, level of verification, last 10 logins, and last 10 transaction details.

Once you’ve finish registration, your account will be classified as SILVER. By clicking ‘Learn more about account types,’ you will receive information and verification stages for other account types.

You can move your account type from SILVER to GOLD. However, this requires that you pass the level 2 KYC for a higher verification. Also, you will need to provide some documents for the higher verification. The first document is a copy of a government-issued ID or passport.

The second is a recent utility bill that contains the user’s name and address. This bill must not be more than six months old. It can also be a government-issued bill or a bank statement.

How To Deposit At Uquid Coin

There several means of depositing to your Uquid account. Some of them include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Paysafecard, e-currency exchanger, etc.

You will first click on the ‘Deposit’ box in your account. You can then select the particular option that is suitable to you for the deposit.

Assuming you decide to deposit with Bitcoin, you will select payment method Bitcoin and input amount. Also, you can deposit from your Bitcoin wallet. You will copy into your wallet both the displayed address and amount.

The window will automatically update once the payment is completed. The completion can take some minutes. You must not close the window if the transaction is still uncompleted.

When the payment is made, you’ll get a confirmation for your processed deposit. This can take 1 hour or more before receiving and confirming the payment. When the network gets your payment, it will automatically credit your account.

How To Withdraw From Uquid Coin

The process is similar to depositing. First, you will select ‘Withdraw’ from your account. You will then select your withdrawal option, for example, BTC or Banking. Then select the currency and amount for the withdrawal.

Uquid Coin Card Fees

The use of the Uquid Coin card has some fees associated with it. However, these card fees are in sync with the industry’s average and shouldn’t be a limitation to any user.

The card attracts a $1 (1 USD) monthly fee, which is standard in the industry. In addition, the card issuance fee is $16.99.

The charge for ATM usage is $2,50 per withdrawal. This fee can be a disadvantage for places where ATM withdrawals are always low (as low as $20).

Multiple withdrawing will impose a large fee amount for the user with such conditions since the charge applies per withdrawal. Therefore, such situations demand that the user goes to a bank to make his withdrawal using a more convenient approach.

When it comes to commission charges on purchases, Uquid Coin makes a zero percent charge on its users. Information on the platform reveals that there’s no commission charge on all spendings with Uquid chards. The protocol uses this as a competitive edge and consumers’ friendliness.

The Uquiq Coin cards have no minimum deposit amount. But its maximum deposit limit for KYC Level 2 is $20,000. However, a user can request a higher deposit limit. You need to follow the guide available on the platform for an increase in the account type.

Conclusion of Uquid Coin Review

Uquid Coin is a decentralized finance protocol launched to integrate other projects and financial instruments.

It operates with its token UQC, which follows the trend of Ethereum Technology. Uquid Coin is a multipurpose protocol that allows its users to trade, spend and complete their daily payments seamlessly using cryptocurrencies.

The Uquid Coin ecosystem simplifies swapping the digital assets to fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, and EUR.In addition, it offers its clients cards for digital assets, which can be virtual or physical debit cards for easy transactions.

Finally, cryptocurrency holders can use a debit card for their digital assets globally. The two options for Bitcoin and Altcoin debit cards create variety for the Uquid Coin card users. With the Altcoin debit card, you have access to over 80 digital tokens in one account.

Through its operations, the protocol creates a bridge between cryptocurrency and conventional real-world environments. Furthermore, its progressive development aids adoption in decentralized finance, and hence, the protocol is a good recommendation to crypto enthusiasts.

From its future price predictions, many crypto analysts believe that the UQC price will continue to surge. This gives more hope for the Uquid Coin ecosystem. So, using our guide on Uquid coin review, you can now decide if this protocol is a buy for you.

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