As the crypto industry grows, more and more movements emerge to provide solutions to the underlying challenges of its supporters. For example, one of the growing movements in the industry right now is Decentralized Finance. This system believes that financial transactions should be decentralized and not hampered by any central authority.

Presently, there are more than 245 decentralized finance projects, and more are emerging regularly. Each of these projects aims at mitigating one challenge or the other which DeFi supporters are facing. One of such projects with a solution to offer is the PEAKDEFI Protocol.

So, if you’re ready to benefit from a crypto mutual fund to earn rewards from diverse assets, this PEAKDEFI review is for you. We explore this protocol to its fullest and provide the necessary information below. Keep reading to learn more!

What is PEAKDEFI Protocol?

The PEAKDEFI Protocol is a fund that manages diverse assets for its users. It is a DeFi project that aims to facilitate a connection between asset managers and investors to build capital. According to the founder, the financial market has developed, and the old systems are no longer working. As such, the team offers an asset management fund that will simplify investment in the sector.

The protocol is wholly decentralized and doesn’t operate with third-party control. It enables investors to pool their funds together and help them invest in different types of assets based on performance.

The decentralized fund operates under smart contract technology. It is also based on Ethereum, just like 222 other projects in the DeFi space. However, PEAKDEFI management is unique because many managers work in a permissionless and decentralized manner to keep it efficient.

Also, this protocol uses a community-based governance method to ensure full participation. In such a system, every participant is important and can say what happens to the protocol. The authority is not vested in a single individual or company. It is the shared responsibility of all the community members.

PEAKDEFI comprises three pillars; the Fund, the wallet app, and the MarketPeak. The Fund is where investors can join their money with other investors to grow capital. The wallet is an Ethereum wallet for DeFi tokens, while the MarketPeak is a continuing education company that trains newbies on crypto and blockchain. Finally, the PEAK token serves as the utility token that moves the protocol.

The system works to allow investors to invest in its contract and buy the PEAKDEFI Fund shares. On the other hand, the fund managers will use the capital to carry out on-chain trading for profits.

With such an arrangement, both asset managers and investors will benefit from the protocol. This is a better solution to what is obtainable in the existing investment solutions that don’t favor assets managers and small investors. But with this PEAKDEFI Project, there is now a global fund for every participant. The best part is that the system operates decentralized and transparently, especially in its governance.

For every profitable cycle, the fund managers, investors, and affiliates share the earnings in percentages. For instance, the investors automatically get 65% of every profit made in an investment. The fund managers also get 15%, while the affiliates who promote the protocol go home 20%.

How Does PEAKDEFI Work

PEAKDEFI Protocol introduces a better and simple way of investing in the DeFi space no matter your capital amount. The protocol operates in the following manner:

Optimized Distribution

One good thing about the PEAKDEFI strategy is that it follows an optimal fund distribution to ensure good results. By pooling resources and utilizing diverse fund managers, investors can diversify their funds into several assets instead of only one.

The process occurs automatically to pick the best managers via the smart contract mechanism. Thus, the hard choice of selecting the fund manager to use becomes the responsibility of the system and not the investors.

Full Asset Control

Every investor in the protocol gets full custody of their assets. The protocol operates in a permissionless way and is entirely a non-custodial entity. Every deposit that investors make goes into the smart contract, and no intermediary can access the funds directly.

Fund Management Autonomy

PEAKDEFI Protocol operates in a way that shuffles fund management between different asset managers to get the best outcome. No one manager has the right to manage the funds.

Instead, it uses smart contracts to get the best managers who will get the expected results. So, you don’t have to worry or decide on which manager to use for your funds. The system takes care of it.

Flexible Investment Cycles

The system ensures flexible asset management by keeping the trading cycles short. Every cycle ends in 60 days, with 57 days being the management period while the remaining 3 days go to investors who wish to sell their PEAKDEFI shares.

Operating in a Decentralized Way

Fund managers enjoy the benefit of operating without third-party interference. They can close or open trades, including margin trades, without restrictions.

All the system requires is to connect the Ethereum wallet to PEAKDEFI to enable seamless interaction with its smart contract. To ensure that managers can do all these, the protocol interacts with other protocols such as Compound Finance, 1inch, Uniswap, and Kyber Network.

Equitable Share of AUM Distribution

PEAKDEFI Protocol uses reputation tokens to ensure that fund managers get their appropriate share of the “Assets under Management.” As a result, every fund manager goes home with 15% of the protocol’s profit.

Thus, even though many factors can influence the value of a reputation token, such as the investment amount, total active traders, etc., fund managers will always get a fair share.

Why Use The PEAKDEFI Protocol

The PEAKDEFI Protocol offers many benefits to investors and the fund managers who trade to make a profit for the fund. Some of these benefits include the following:

Investment profits

PEAKDEFI uses different asset managers to make a profit with the pooled capital through on-chain trading. Each of these trading cycles lasts for 60 days, after which the profits are shared amongst the participants in percentages.

For instance, the investors who provided the capital get 65% while the managers get 15%. The remaining 20% of the profit goes to the affiliate marketers who promote the protocol.

Staking Rewards

Another way to benefit from this protocol is through Staking rewards. Any investor who stakes his PEAK’s asset to the protocol gets 83% APY (Annual Percentage Yield). With these yearly returns, you can even increase your total capital.

Also, if you take a huge amount and lock it for a longer time, you will make a higher APY. The good news is that you can also set your staking period.

Passive Income

Another benefit of using PEAKDEFI is that you can generate passive income from the network. Once you refer users and grow your downlines to level 8, you’re sure of attractive earnings from the system.

More than 70 Investment Assets

PEAKDEFI has a plethora of investment assets for its users. These assets ensure that investments can be diversified. The network work with others such as Uniswap, Kyber Network, 1inch Exchange to facilitates access. Also, it has a trading desk that equips users will all the tools they need to manage their trades correctly.

No Need to Source For Clients

PEAKDEFI Protocols make it easier for fund managers to deliver the best results. They’re not mandated to source for their clients themselves. The system uses a rewarding system that encourages new clients to join the platform. So, instead of worrying about who to serve, managers focus on their duties while new clients join every day.

Staking PEAK Tokens

Users of the PEAKDEFI Protocol can also stake their PEAK tokens for more gains. Staking is the process of locking a certain amount of crypto assets in a system for a specified time without withdrawing it. When it comes to PEAK staking, users gain rewards by locking their tokens and reducing the number of tokens circulating in the market.

With that, the token price becomes more stable, and the system gives 50% of the supply back to the stakers. So with that, an investor can make 83% APY through staking every year. But bear in mind that the rewards will vary depending on certain factors.

PEAKDEFI Review: A Comprehensive Guide On The Investment Protocol

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The first factor is that if your stakes are high, you will make more from the rewards. Also, if the times you lock the funds are longer, the bonus will be longer. There is also a bonus for staking long-term.

In PEAKDEFI Network, you can stake up to 10 to 1million PEAK tokens. Your specified staking time could be from 10 days to 1000 days.

The PEAKDEFI Ethereum Wallet

The Ethereum wallet is another feature of the protocol besides the platform and the educational company. This wallet aims at bringing non-advanced crypto enthusiasts into the sector without hassles. ‘

This wallet is secured and mainly for decentralized finance projects. It has two versions catering to both Android users and iOS users. There are no charges for downloading the app, and anyone outside the community can use it.

The core features of the PEAKDEFI app includes,

  • It enables sending, receiving, and tracking of ETH & other ERC20 tokens.
  • The app operates decentralized and non-custodial manner; users generate and store their private keys & mnemonic phrases in their smartphones.
  • Users of the app can create & import an Ethereum wallet using a private key.
  • The app features a decentralized exchange (DEX) for users.
  • Users can also connect dAPPs to their mobile wallets through a QR code scanning mechanism. ‘
  • The app supports buying crypto with fiat currencies using Moonpay.

How Does PEAKDEFI Maintain Value?

Continuous Learning

The team believes that learning and improvement drive development. As such, they learn new ways of making the protocol succeed and empower the individuals working in the network to further enhance their knowledge about the sector.

Offering Solutions In The Sector

Another thing that makes PEAKDEFI valuable is that it offers a solution that favors both the investors and the fund managers. It enables investors to benefit from a global pool of funds that facilitate asset diversity in investment.

It doesn’t matter the amount of capital an investor has; as far as buying PEAKDEFI shares, they go home with some percentage of the generated profit based on their investment.

Result-driven Approach

PEAKDEFI Protocol believes in achieving the best result from its operations. As such, they work with only result-driven fund managers to ensure their success. The team believes that with defined methods and goals and prioritizing task accomplishment, they can get the users’ expected results.

Reliability Of Its Network

PEAKDEFI pursues reliability above all else. The team focuses on getting the results for their investors at every investment cycle. That’s why the fund managers are selected based on their performance through the smart contract.

No particular fund manager has the autonomy of managing the fund capital. With that, only the result-driven participants are allowed to pursue the network’s goals.

How is PEAKDEFI Different From Others?

The difference between PEAKDEFI and other protocols lies in its business model. The network has the main platform and an Ethereum wallet application. This app is a native wallet to the Ethereum network.

But PEAKDEFI doesn’t make money from the above services. For example, in the DeFi Fund, the protocol makes only a 0.1% developer fee from the AUM after every investment cycle that lasts for 60 days.

Another source of money for the system is the MarketPeak software. This is the third feature of PEAKDEFI, and it aims to train crypto beginners and investment newbies on how to embrace and utilize cryptocurrencies. But for them to gain access to the training, users must pay a fee that goes back to the network.

Another difference is that the network pursues a ONE global decentralized finance fund that different traders can manage. The system automatically chooses the best manager based on their performance. With that, investors don’t face the hassles of selecting an asset manager to use for their investments.

Also, the affiliate system that pays 20% to promoters of the network makes PEAKDEFI unique. Due to this system, the network recorded more than 500,000 USDC in investment within one month of its launch.

Also, the total value locked in the system is more than 19.45 million PEAK tokens through staking. Now, the network also boasts more than 5 900 holders of PEAK and 2200 active users.

A Brief History of PEAKDEFI Protocol

The founder of this DeFi global fund is Sergej Heck. He began his professional journey with an engineering certificate and worked in a reputable automotive company in Germany. He also started working online as a marketer, and by 2015, he left the company to focus on online marketing.

One of the core areas of his operations was cryptocurrency. With the experience he gathered, Sergej built 2 German-speaking cryptocurrency magazines (Coinkurier & Blockchain-Hero) and a cryptocurrency consulting company. He also used his experience and wealth of knowledge to build and launch the PEAKDEFI Protocol.

According to the founder, his time as company CEO has shown him the problems many people face in the industry. This was why he decided to launch the crypto mutual fund to mitigate such challenges. Sergej believes that the old financial system in place is no longer usable in this era. As such, there is a need for a trustless, transparent, and faster solution to cushion the changes in the financial industry.

Team PEAKDEFI led by Sergej started the development in 2020. By the last month of the year, the mainnet went live. They spent 9 months developing the PEAKDEFI platform from April 2020 to December 2020.

Initially, the team aimed to build multiple funds but later decided to focus on one fund that optimal performance. So instead of confusing the investors with multiple funds, the team decided on a “ONE global performance-based Fund.”


According to the founder, the protocol aims at becoming the biggest decentralized finance fund in the industry. The team also plans to record a minimum of 20,000 users of the protocol. They anticipate a 10x growth in the nearest future. With such, the protocol is looking at increased TVL and fund investment.

Another plan for the future is to get more and more affiliates to join its network. The team also aims at investing in PR to boost recognition and participation. Also, PEAKDEFI Protocol wants to integrate NFT funds and do what is known as “protection staking” in a short while.

One other plan for 2021 is to integrate crypto credit cards supporting more than 100 countries through the PEAKDEFI Ethereum wallet app.

Conclusion of PEAKDEFI Review

PEAKDEFI Protocol is a decentralized Finance Fund that helps investors diversifies their asset investment. It provides a platform where many people can invest their capital to make a profit. The fund managers are selected via a smart contract to ensure the best results.

Users also earn in many ways, such as the 65% AUM, staking rewards, and affiliate commission. So, you can make money depending on the method of participation. In addition, both the investors and fund managers gain from the network. So it doesn’t matter the way you join the fund; there is a reward for you.

This PEAKDEFI Protocol review has divulged all the information necessary to guide your decision. But always do your due diligence before investing in any protocol.

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