Papa John’s Rewards Bitcoin To U.K. Customers on Buying Pizza

Papa John’s, a famous seller of pizza with many branches, smashes exciting rewards with Bitcoin to its United Kingdom customers.

From an online source, there’s a reward of BTC worths 10 euro ($12) for the pizza customers of Papa John’s. For a customer to receive such a reward, he or she must be a cryptocurrency user.

Also, the customer must spend up to 30 euros ($36) in any of Papa John’s selected U.K. and Ireland locations. The redemption of the rewards must be done before Sunday by the Luno cryptocurrency exchange.

What Brought About this Offer?

As of now, nobody can explain the rationale behind the exciting rewards of Papa John’s. Though some persons are visualizing the move as a promotional campaign, the rewards are too good to imagine that alone.

There’s this speculation that the offer is just based on the outstanding connection the franchise has with cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin Pizza Day and its Effect

A journey in history revealed that on the 22nd of May 2010, called Bitcoin Pizza Day, documentation in a commercial transaction of crypto was completely seamless for 2 Papa John’s pizzas.

Laszlo Hanyecz made the documentation by spending 10,000 BTC valued at just a few dollars during the period, though its worth is above $544 million now.

Through his innovative mind to demonstrate his work, Laszlo is now the first developer to make a commercial transaction using Bitcoin.

From his demonstration came the birth of Bitcoin Pizza Day. Reacting to his action after some years, Hanyecz said that having Bitcoin then was very interesting and being in the world of cryptocurrency, but people were not using the crypto.

So he needed to initiate a movement that can prompt people to accept and use Bitcoin. He said that it would be useless if he continues to have the crypto without using it for others.

A glance at the crypto space reveals the streams of pizza chains. Through the motivation from Bitcoin Pizza Day, these chains are now offering crypto-related rewards.

An outstanding case is that from BitFlyer, a crypto exchange that bought pizzas from San Francisco last year. After the purchase, they gave the pizzas as donations to some homeless shelters.

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