DeFi Investing Expert Writes Tell-All Book

Cryptocurrency entrepreneur Marvin Steinberg who assists startups to raise capital, grow their brand and optimize all areas of their business, with a particular expertise in Decentralized finance (DeFi).

He’s now aiming to put his knowledge into the hands of the public, penning a book that explains:

  • – What DeFi is
  • – It’s advantages over the traditional financial system
  • – Why DeFi is set to revolutionize finance
  • – How each individual can benefit from it

Marvin’s vision is to help a billion people to become financially free through an understanding of DeFi technology by 2025.

Previously working in the energy industry, Steinberg sold his own company to focus fully on cryptocurrency from 2010, and is now a self-made millionaire, advising companies in Germany and Switzerland on how to get started with DeFi.

DeFi millionaire author Marvin Steinberg

In an interview with Next Economy Magazine, Steinberg described Bitcoin as just ‘the tip of the crypto iceberg’ – while he’s passionate about all things crypto, his focus is on DeFi which he sees as the missing piece of the puzzle in the search for complete financial freedom.

‘It is important to me that people understand that they are being exploited by the banks and that DeFi can make these middlemen obsolete; now everyone can be their own bank and have full control over their finances’. 

– Marvin Steinberg

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Book Launch

To read Steinberg’s upcoming book as soon as it launches follow him on Linkedin and Twitter where he’s been active since the Genesis of Bitcoin in 2009.

His book will provide free ‘alpha’ – value in trader speak – by detailing all the risk-free investment opportunities and ways to earn passive income that DeFi presents, from staking to yield farming.

We’ll be sure to also report on this book here at, so stay tuned to our DeFi news feed.

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