DeFi Coin Update

Important DeFi Swap Update

As you may all be aware, the anticipated DeFi Swap DEX MainNet launch is just around the corner and we are very excited to bring to you a platform that we believe is unique like no other and will be a top 10 platform in the coming months.

To make this platform like no other, we have decided that we are going to reroute the liquidity from Pancakeswap to DeFi Swap and since we’ll be giving rewards for staking DEFC-BNB DLP tokens, the liquidity should be there and the price will stay more stable.

As we are a DEX it is also our strategy that everyone knows to come to DeFi Swap to buy DeFi Coin and make that their number one DEX of choice.

The current contract for DeFi Coin (DEFC) is below:

15,000 tokens can only be sent wallet to wallet at any one time.
10% tax on the sale of DeFi Coin, 5% to token holders 5% to liquidity pool.
CEX hot wallets are unable to be whitelisted causing 20% fees.

Now, in order to improve the usability of DeFi Coin and the value of the token, we have decided to upgrade the token with a better usability and contract address.

An unlimited amount of tokens can be sent wallet to wallet at any one time meaning the liquidity pool can grow bigger and cause less confusion on why transactions are failing when people are trying to send 15,000+.

10% tax on the sale of DeFi Coin, 5% to token holders 5% to liquidity pool.
CEX hot wallets to be whitelisted meaning only 10% fees on transfer, to meet our tokenomics, they will deduct 10% when users deposit, and 5% liquidity pool + 5% distribution will be distributed.

Now in order for all of this to happen we will be taking a snapshot of every single token holders address at 12:00 am GMT+1 on the 18th September 2021 we then ask you all to make no sell or buy within 12 hours from that time so that we can Airdrop all the new tokens in your wallet, this will mean they will be under new contract address and we will make the price set on all DEXs and CEX the same as it was when we paused for Airdrop, the coin remains DeFi Coin under DEFC ticker.

The new contract address has already been approved with BitMart and they are aware of the Airdrop, as soon as the Airdrop has been completed the coins will be switched in your BitMart account and you will not need to do anything, all Staking will remain the same and monthly returns paid as usual. Once the airdrop is complete the maintenance on the BitMart wallet will be complete.

If you make a sale or purchase of DeFi Coin in that 12-hour time frame we will not be able to airdrop the tokens purchased during this time as the snapshot would not see who’s wallets need x amount of tokens.
Anyone that does this, we will manually send the tokens to you, but please refrain from doing so. 

I believe this is extremely bullish news for DeFi Coin and it eradicates lots of issues that were causing people not to purchase the token, this will also attract much larger investors who are ready to make the purchase once we complete this stage.

Feel free to ask any questions in the DeFi Swap group chat and one of the team will be happy to help you.

Old contract address: 0x9d36c80944ab74930fb216daf0c043d4dccdaeb7

New Contract address: 0xeb33cbbe6f1e699574f10606ed9a495a196476df

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